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packing: a shout-out to my travel daypack

Someone recently left a comment on an old post asking me what I use for a day bag when I travel, and in my reply, I went on a bit about the backpack I use as a daypack - the "Urban Hauler" model by Marmot. Since I've been using it for a while now, I thought I might as well make a review out of it.

Before I bought the bag, I'd used enough backpacks to know what I wanted in one: - Something around 30 litres in capacity - Something light, yet capable of taking substantial weight  - Something that could roll up or pack flat in a bigger backpack/suitcase - Something that could be tossed into a washing machine (or at least vigorously hand-washed) after a sweaty hike - Something that didn't look aggressively "sporty" and would look normal in a non-sporty context - Something with an external pocket - Something with internal pockets - Something with a side pocket for my water bottle
My primary goal was something that was strong and yet light - I carry a heavy D…

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