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some things I want

I've resolved to maintain my subdued pace of shopping from last year, but there are a few things that have been lingering in my mind for a few months now so I thought I’d just jot them down so I can mull over them and see how I feel in a couple months.

A loose jumpsuit
I’ve been trying versions of this since 2016 and never found one I liked enough to buy. Jumpsuits have always been tricky for me because I like at least a 30-inch inseam, but I also have a long torso. Plus I don’t like ones that have an elastic waist, and I don’t like ones that look too utilitarian. I want something with an overalls vibe, but I don’t want anything in denim because it would too hot and heavy. And I don’t want anything overly cropped. I'm not asking for much, aren't I?

I may join the Elizabeth Suzann bandwagon because her Clyde jumpsuit checks all my boxes (Linen! Sleeveless! Loose! Available in Tall! Pockets!). I do like that her pieces are available season after season so I can make a consid…

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