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(some of) what I wore - jan-feb 2018

I've been gravitating towards taking mirror OOTDs again of late, partly out of a desire to track what I've been wearing, and see if any preferences have emerged. And partly because sometimes I catch my reflection and a mirror and think: "Why not?"

These are all work outfits, and although I thought my current workplace was a lot more casual than my last (already quite casual) workplace, my photos don't suggest a significant difference. I can get away with the jeans-tee-sandals outfit on a daily basis, but I'm still wearing some of the shirt dresses I wore in my previous job, albeit in a more relaxed way.

Top row, from left:

The high-socks-and-shoes combo is a not a popular look with my friends - some think it’s too cutesy - but I've always liked the nerdiness of it, and it's my favourite thing about Margaret Howell shows. It also reminds me of uniformed groups, like the Girl Scouts, Girl Guides, Girls' Brigade and so on, and I do like uniforms.

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